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Customer Reviews

“My house is as clean as the day we bought it!! Camila and her team are true professionals. Camila is very thorough and made the process very smooth. They got every nook and cranny! My master bathroom has a odd corner beside the shower that I never can get clean, and they cleaned it more than I expected! Highly recommend Camila and her team! Can’t wait for my weekly cleanings!”

— Alyssa Bosch

“Camilas came in to clean my newly renovated salon. They were so kind and really did an amazing job. The dust in there from the construction was heavy, but they took their time and cleaned every crevice. They even climbed on a ladder to clean the a few hanging chandeliers! They were careful with the wooden countertops which I really appreciated as well! The place was beaming when they were done! Thank you Camilas! Can’t wait to work with you again soon!”

— Garineh Ashjian-Thomasian

“We started using Camila's Cleaning in February. Camila is very responsive and will work with you to determine a consistent schedule if you are choosing weekly, bi-weekly, monthly etc cleanings. We chose weekly due to having two dogs that shed heavily-- and we couldn't be happier with the results!  
Thank you Camila and team, we appreciate you so much!”

— Nina Vlasic

Our massive, old, three story house hadn't been thoroughly cleaned in years and Camila and her team spent 11 hours here making sure every single nook and cranny was spotless. We are in heaven and are so grateful for the terrific job they did. I would recommend them to anyone!!

— Nina Vlasic

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